Hollywood Celebrities Give Lesbian Kissing In Movies Thumbs Up

Having a lesbian kissing scene in mainstream movies and television shows has long been dismissed by critics as nothing more than the latest marketing gimmick from Hollywood. Young, emerging stars such as Amanda Siegfried can be seen locking lips with not just anyone but respected actress Julianne Moore in the movie Chloe.

Earlier, Amanda Siegfried was in another widely publicized lesbian kiss with current it-girl, Megan Fox in the disappointingly bland high school horror comedy, Jennifer’s Body. However with Julianne Moore, the smaller, less publicized movie does not just have lip locking – there is a proper lesbian love scene, albeit more suggestive than explicit.

The premise of Chloe revolves around Julianne Moore playing a wife who suspects her husband (Liam Nelson) of cheating and hires a social escort, (Siegfried) to seduce him. Somewhere along the way, she develops a fatal attraction for Moore instead.

While the role for Siegfried seems to be in keeping with her career direction, movie fans might wonder at the character choice for Moore even though she is no stranger to lesbian movie scenes. Fortunately, under the able hand of respected indie director Atom Egoyan, the film does not stray far from his favorite theme of trust and truth. He finds it liberating to direct some one else’s script this time round.

“Sometimes it’s really great to lose yourself in a psychological framework like this one,” he says. “With the film I got to get into people’s sex lives, but also into their fantasies – which allows for some complex, rich and horny situations.”

As convincing the lesbian love scene may look, it is merely directed that way although Egoyan thinks that audiences are ready for the real thing but it will be difficult to persuade big stars to do them.

“For big stars, there are parameters,” he says. “It’s a different thing. I think one of your main challenges with shooting an extended lovemaking scene is to assure your actors that they’re going to look good. I chose to shoot these scenes as deeply dramatic scenes. Yes, they’re erotic to look at, but sex is never just about the sex, it’s about what’s going on emotionally within the characters’ minds.

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