Dress Up Dolls Battle Very Beautiful Online And Offline

With so many kinds and variations of dress up dolls online and offline, consumers are now starting to get confused on what to buy and collect. Although they consider to buy other dolls, its always evident that Barbie and Bratz are always their top considerations.

There is something special with this two dolls. As we all know, Bratz dolls is the fiercest and direct competitor of Barbie dolls. Their competition not only lands at the shopping malls and supermarkets but also at the court rooms as well. Barbie dress up dolls seems to dominate the market than Bratz dolls. But this competition is not yet finished.

If we can recall, it was April 2005 where MGA Entertainment (owner and creator of Bratz) filed a lawsuit against Mattel (owner and creator of Barbie), claiming that the “My Scene” line of Barbie dolls had copied the doe-eyed look of Bratz dolls.

In return, Mattel sued MGA Entertainment for $500 million, alleging that Bratz creator Carter Bryant was working for Mattel when he developed the idea for Bratz.

MGA and Mattel are due back in court on January 11, 2011 for a retrial, which this time includes Mattel’s allegations of racketeering and theft of trade secrets against MGA.

The top 2 dress up dolls battle continues to grow more and more. This two top dress up dolls seems to compete with each other more and more to win the consumer’s heart. It is a good thing though for us consumers because, they are both striving and making their best shot throughout their dolls.

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