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Buying cute kittens or cats is exciting, a new member is being added to your family. There are a lot of cute kittens and cats out there. But you should know what you are getting into before taking a kitten or cat. After you have decided what type of kitten or cat you want to buy, you will have several different purchasing options. You can buy from a breeder or a pet shop.

Purchasing cute kittens or cats from a breeder have its advantages. You will have the opportunity to see the kitten or cat’s mother, as well as possible other family members. A respected breeder will also have pedigree information as well as health guarantees. You can find respected breeders through local kitten and cat clubs or in advertisements for kitten and cats for sale. Your veterinarian may also have some contacts.

A breeder will have planned the litter carefully. There are usually no accidental mattings or unwanted litters at a breeder’s. Good pedigrees and temperaments that produce desirable cute kittens and cats are very important! Most breeders put forth a great effort in producing cute kittens and cats of show quality, with the pick of the litter remaining for show or future breeding.

There are breeders who will cross breeds, such as with a pedigreed pet cat and a domestic one, producing a wonderfully cared for litter that has been raised correctly. These cats can be much less costly than purebred cats.

Remember that not all breeders are respected sources for buying a kitten or cat. There are some breeders, known as “puppy mills” or “kitten mills,” which produce numerous litters for financial gain. Money is their objective, producing well mannered, well bred, healthy kittens is not the goal. Look out for this kind of breeders, it is your responsibility to look into any breeder that you choose to work with.

You will see cute kittens or cats for sale in a pet shop more often than not. These litters are not the product of a good breeding. They are usually the product of a owner who experienced an unplanned pregnant female, or from a commercial kitten farm. There is often no information regarding the parentage or general prior health knowledge. No guarantees to their temperaments or health can be made.

Purchasing cute kittens or cats from an pet shop can result in a new owner with a sick kitten than can cost hundreds of dollars in veterinarian bills! Not to mention the heart ache of watching a new kitten suffer from illness.

No matter what type of kitten or cat you buy, be sure to do your homework first, you and your pet will be happy for life!

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