Nonlegacy Scam Related Information – You Need Know

After much research and several interviews with several ex-representatives it was made clear that Nonlegacy International known for its Free Prescription Discount Cards is nothing more than a pyramid multi-level marketing company. Nonlegacy International is located just out side of San Antonio, Texas and has several thousand independent representatives who have been roped into the idea of Nonlegacy being the best of the best in a market where several prescription discount cards are available to consumers. Nonlegacy International has been in business since 2007.

Nonlegacy International’s Presidents Dr. Devin Holland and Sheri Holland own the company. The company’s Vice Presidents of Marketing are Jeffery Cosgrove and Shelly Cosgrove. The company’s Director of Client Relations is Ana Chinchilla. The company’s advisory board has Cynthia Hurley an Attorney and John Steen a Certified Public Accountant. This information is provided so that this names are recognized as the perpetrators who run the crooked company.

Nonlegacy draws in prospects by either postcards mailed by representatives, representatives cold-calling consumers, magazine advertisements in magazines such as Home Business Connection, and various other methods devised by the Vice Presidents of Marketing. In truth this is done to bring potential representatives to where you listen to a strong high-pressure sales pitch about how you can make this amount of money is this amount of time. Once you listen to the sales pitch everything sounds like a miracle, you join for $59 at the Customer Services Representative level, $49 at the Independent Managing Representative level, or $299 for the Pace Setter level. The Vice Presidents explain how giving free discounts to doctor’s offices, small businesses, etc. you can make thousands per month.

What they fail to mention is that in order to get these free cards they want you to buy them from for $113. Then you go around soliciting doctor’s offices and small businesses to put these free discount cards in their offices or to give to their employees. You are told you will make 60 cents per prescription processed against your ID Number on the prescription discount card which happens to be the Group Number. Now once you put out these cards, you are urged to do it over and over again. On top of these Nonlegacy is now incorporating to its over 3,000 Independent Representatives to begin selling “Nonlegacy Protection Plans” a discount plan for people to use lawyers for various things, and you also get tax preparation assistance, the plan retails for $19.95 per month. You are sell a “Nonlegacy Saver Card” which is a discount card you spend $19.95 per month for that has several discount available from

On top of this you are urged to either mail at least 200 postcards per month to recruit others into your team, and you can take part in a magazine co-op that Home Business Connection Magazine has for $200 per month to recruit others. Basically Nonlegacy is a pyramid scheme where you spend a lot of your money promoting a worthless discount card, and recruit others to do the same thing along with selling things to consumers. The fearless Vice Presidents tout how you should do this and do that, and they even have the audacity to tell independent representatives to tell potential recruits that if they join for $49 and pay $49 per month they can make $4,900 per month.

If you look at the statistics for the card usage and the numbers it all looks good, but unfortunately we live in an age where numbers can be made up and tweaked to look real good and attractive to make people really think they have something. The truth remains though that this is not a legitimate opportunity it is a multi-level marketing company that has a shady background, a shady reputation, and is something all consumers are cautioned to be suspicious about. The main purpose is to alert consumers that this business is not part of the Better Business Bureau and if they were they would definitely have an F- for their rating.

There it is strongly advised if you receive a postcard, see an advertisement or you are approached by someone from Nonlegacy you should tell them you are not interested. If your doctor’s office or small business or church is working with this company you are advised to discontinue business with this fraudulent company. If Nonlegacy is doing business in this method, do you really think they should be trusted with your personal information that pharmacies have? Protect yourself from becoming a victim especially if you are a discount card holder.

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