Help Stingrays Movie – Raising awareness on Child Abuse

British Actress, Fiona Domenica (IMDB) has teamed up with Hollywood Actor Jesse C Boyd(IMDB) to make a festival short film on Child Abuse. Fiona wrote the story while Jesse developed the screenplay. Cas Invar from “Source Code” and the new movie “Neverland” with Bob Hoskins is now attached to this project. As well as Emmy Nominated Mark Finlayson for Production Design and Mark Maclin who won an Emmy for editing in the student Emmy awards and was nominated for a student Accademy Award again for his excellence with editing. Finally Tony Marie Spear who is producing, is an attorney with a degree from Loyola Chicago, she has worked in entertainment law for two years, including a stint with Crystal Sky Productions. One of her films was presented at the Vancouver Film Festival which she attended and “I Know What You Did Last Night,” a short she produced, was chosen for and aired on the Stephen Spielberg show “On the Lot.”

This short is intended for the film festivals in the hope o f distribution and/or development into the feature. Money made from this film will be donated to a child abuse charity in the US. They need more supporters to invest money into this film.


STINGRAYS is a thought provoking story of two friends, Amber and Charlie, who suffer at the hands of child abusers and then try to find happiness in a world that will not let them forget their past. Amber’s early life is one of blatant beatings and acts of neglect by her mother, while Charlie’s life of abuse stays hidden behind closed doors. With nowhere else to turn, Amber becomes close to Charlie and Charlie becomes her protector. While growing up, the two try to find happiness through drugs, sex, and even violence of their own. Over time, their feelings for each other change and their relationship develops into a complex tragedy. Eventually, their paths diverge, as Charlie starts to find acceptance while Amber remains embroiled in a heart-wrenching struggle to find her self worth.


The purpose of this film is to raise awareness of child abuse and the struggles that victims face thereafter in trying to lead normal productive lives. This story focuses on the choices we make in life: do we become victims of our past or find solace in our future?

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