Wpit18 Dashboard Registration and Login Guide 2022

WpIT18.com is a well-known website where the inhabitant of the Philippines mainly register themselves if they want to participate in a contest like cockfighting. This event is taking place in the year 2027. WPC stands for World Pitmasters Cup, which is the main event and the attraction of WpIt18. The whole event is managed by the WpIT, and many people are interested in this game. The interest of people is growing in this game day by day. But when you know that this is a game of fighting between two cocks, and at last, when one cock stands out from beginning to last, the cock is rewarded with the money. It has a very appealing dashboard which attracts all the people to this. 

Though it is a closed-site game operated by Lucky 8, those users who have played and used this site liked it the most. If you are a pro in online poker or card-type game, this is for you because it is the game of experience. The WpIT18 is a recreation of betting where all the people are competing with each other in rooster-fighting matches. At the same time, many countries do not permit this animal fight, though, in some countries, this game is very famous. The website is run and operated by an algorithm that ensures the smoothness of the app. The website is straightforward to use. You can start your journey by clicking register.

Working Procedure

After taking what WpIT18.com is, let it be time to go forward and see the management and the website works. There are many different rules and regulations that each and every participant needs to follow. If you are not following those rules, you have to face some problems when you sign in and prepare for the game.

  • First, you need to register in the website’s dashboard to wait for the day, and if you choose the cockfight, you can play this game.
  • When the fight starts, you can see the many people gathered in one place and crowds at once. Then you see that a cock is fighting for lovers and enthusiasts.
  • The actual game is telecasted online for the rest of the world. All the people around the world can see the fight.
  • In making the website and dashboard, the company has put all of its hard work into making it more successful and safe for all participants.


To register on the website, you have to follow some guidelines, which are listed below:

  • First, you must register with govt, id when you are playing a contest or participating in the game.
  • Try to communicate with the game with the help of WpIT18 live
  • In this contest, the crowd concentrates on those crowds who are seeing and enjoying the competition carefully.


This is all about WpIT18.com and its dashboard. All the people of the Philippines are waiting for the 2027 occasion. as the game is against the rule, so many govt. Has not permitted to broadcast this game in their country. We hope that this part will help you the most.

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