TLC Sport Launches Its Revolutionary Tummy Control Range

British designer sportswear company, TLC Sport has launched its all new and revolutionary Tummy Control Range. The online mail order company, based in Northampton shire, retails an extensive range of fitness and leisure clothing, from secretly slimming swimwear and dresses to sports tops and bottoms.

TLC Sport’s mission is “to empower women in building confidence through how they look and feel” and “to provide cutting edge clothing which exceeds all expectations with regards to quality, durability, value and fit in order to inspire women’s fitness and exercise”

Managing Director and Head Designer, Sara Hanna, who was internationally trained as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, has been working in the fashion industry for over 25 years, alongside bringing up her 5 children. Sara Hanna says, “Today, women expect more from their clothing than they ever have done, women want it all – and we’ve developed a way to give it to them.

This year marks the launch of TLC Sport’s revolutionary Tummy Control Range. TLC Sport have developed bespoke technical fabrics, invented performance features and undergone rigorous testing for over 20 years to ensure the range is just perfect.

The Tummy Control Range offers a completely unique kind of support, which features a shape wear inspired inner mesh lining inbuilt into the clothing, not just around the tummy, but all the way to the calf to provide full-body slimming, smoothing and firming.

TLC Sport have developed a product which allows women to wear one garment which boasts all the effects of wearing two.

As Sara Hanna says, “gone are the days when women have to squeeze into the shape wear before putting on their pants; where they have to pay for two different items of clothing to get the same effect. We’ve bridged the gap between shape wear and clothing to the highest standard”

Over 30 million women currently live in Great Britain, average a clothing size of 16, compared to size 14 a decade ago. As a general trend women in the UK are getting bigger, and thus increasingly looking for slimming properties in their clothing. TLC Sport understand that going to the gym can be a sensitive issue, as “more than one in ten women said they were too self-conscious to do a proper workout and didn’t want others looking at them”, revealed The Telegraph.

Other ways to combat this issue is the controversial “women’s hours” in gyms. However, as MD Sara Hanna says, “we need to get to the root of the issue here, and that is that women need to feel more confident in their sportswear.”

With exclusively bespoke, technical performance fabrics, innovative fabric pattern lays and insider manufacturing techniques, the range promises to offer the most effective slimming pants on the market and guarantees to make you look one size smaller.

Appealing to women of any age, shape and size, the collection comes in a variety of different styles and options to suit all body shapes, without being prohibitively expensive, and shapewear tends to be. “Looking and feeling confident is not just a right reserved for the wealthy,” says Sara.

Best of all, the entire Tummy Control Range comes with a 10 year guarantee – now that’s something you don’t see anywhere else.

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