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Crossbows are weapons that consist of a mounted bow that is fixed on a stock and which then shoots projectiles. These projectiles are also known and referred to as bolts. Crossbows were previously used by the Chinese in the fifth century. This weapon quickly became one of the most important weapons of use especially during warfare during the Chinese Warring States period. Most other types of bows rely on the force of the archer whereas with crossbows they possess a force of their own which is gained with the help of a mechanical trigger. The mechanical trigger is helpful due to the fact that numerous releases can be made at one time without tiring or causing stresses to the crossbowman to do so. The crossbows became popular for hunting and royal entourages”.

“As time progressed more advancement was made to these crossbows such as the introduction of multiple firing crossbows, which were used for military campaigns. The Chinese were experts in making crossbows. The improvement of crossbows was totally dependent on advanced bronze technology that allowed manufactures to upgrade it with the accurate machined trigger mechanisms. Over time crossbows have been manufactured to new technical standards on a continuous basis and these crossbows have been used mainly during the respective Chinese wars. A crossbow is and or was used in the following way during these wears. It is mounted on a stick like object known as a tiller or stock. A mechanism in the tiller or stock holds the drawn bow string back in a stable position. During earlier wartimes it had a slot in the stock, down where the cocked string was placed”.

“Firing crossbows were considered an art. To fire these crossbows a vertical rod is thrust up through a hole in the bottom of the notch, therefore forcing the string out. Normally this rod is kept perpendicular to a rear facing firing lever called trigger or a tickler. A crossbow was usually used as a weapon by warriors and so called vampire slayers. Nowadays it is used by modern bow hunters to hunt down various different types of game. These bow hunting bows look like the fusion of a bow with a rifle. As with crossbows these bow hunting bows make use of a fast movement of string to launch projectiles and they are also equipped with a trigger and a stock. Many archers and bow hunters are under the impression that the inventor of crossbows took certain parts from a rifle and amalgamated them into a bow hunter’s bow”.

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