Neolink Delivers High Speed Internet And Voice Connection Through Fiber Access

Vox Telecom Limited is proud to announce the latest in its fixed line data services, Neolink. This service would make use of fiber access technology in delivering high speed data and voice applications to end users. The bandwidth connection also uses a dedicated line, allowing higher security and reliability.

In today’s world, great importance would be really placed on internet connectivity. People would rely significantly on the web for a lot of works and purposes. The web allows people to communicate and connect wherever they may be. The web allows access to a huge amount of information as well.

The web is also used vastly in a lot of businesses. Most businesses would already have web platforms and sites. They would use these platforms for selling products, marketing their services, or providing information to customers. The web is also being used for communicating with customers, other types of businesses, and suppliers.

A fast, secure, and reliable internet connection would be needed by companies and professionals then. This can be actually delivered through the use of fiber access connection. Optical fibers would be used in the last mile. This can provide upgradeable speeds of up to 1 Gaps.

This would be very secure as well since it would use dedicated lines. When any issue would arise, internet connection can still be delivered through backup licensed microwave last mile. This would mean a fast and highly reliable service. Your system would be very flexible too and can grow along with your growing business needs.

To get more information and specifications regarding this service, you can check out the Vox Telecom website at You can also learn more about the company and its annual report by reading Members of the press and others who would like to learn more about this technology and service can contact the company through the contact details placed below.

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