MyTechBay: Get Unlimited On-demand 24*7 online Windows 8 Tech-Support

MyTechBay is specialist in the Windows 8 tech support. Our services include new installations, troubleshooting existing installation as well as advising our clients on the best practices of using Windows 8 operating systems. We will simply sort out all your Windows 8 problems and provide the necessary advice.

Windows 8 is a good product. It’s one of the best rated operating systems in the world however proper configuration is key to its optimal performance. Whereas WINDOWS 8 configurations are fairly simple, there is need to engage professionals to ensure that the product is installed properly and configured in the right way and optimized for effective performance.

Our company provides you with the best support services for Windows 8 operating systems. We have a well-trained team of staff members that will assist you with any problem you might encounter while using this product. Our services are available 24/7 and you can use to reach us anytime you need help.

Our support services are available via email and live chat as well. The help desk team will respond to your queries in a very short time. We engage in the use of remote desktop control and web-ex sessions to configure Windows 8 this will ensure that we serve you well. When a case is reported to our help desk, it is attended to in the shortest time possible and escalated to high end engineers if the lower cadre staffs are not able to deal with the issue.

If for some reason we are not able to sort out your problems via a telephone conversation, email correspondence or live chat .We use state of the art technologies to connect to your computer remotely and sort control your computer from our offices.

Our teams of engineers are regularly trained via, regular instructor led classrooms, seminars, webinars as well as research based training to ensure that they have what it takes in terms of skills, and sort out your problems in the shortest time possible. We have been supporting older windows operating systems and this has given us experience in support services as well as migration experience from previous windows platform to the new windows 8.

We have a well-structured systems of escalation, whereby once a problem is reported, the 1st level support team deals with it, if they are not able to sort it out, its escalated to the 2nd level in a matter of no time to ensure timely resolution of reported problems.

We advise our clients when new products are released and let them know the benefits comes with a new release. Our staff members will be the first to install the products on our test labs learn how to configure the new release.

We have been supporting Windows 8 products for about a year and we pride ourselves in excellent customer service and a wealth of experience gained over the years. Our services have been rated as one of the best in this category.

Try our services today and you will never look back! Don’t waste time configuring windows 8; let us handle this headache while you concentrate on your core business.

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