Christmas Gift For All Video Fans A Free Photo and VIDEO Postcard Service

Need4Video.com presents all video and audio fans with a new free postcard service that allows you to create your own audio and VIDEO Christmas cards. Need4Video Online Postcard (http://send.need4video.com ) offers five colorful animated templates to embed your photo or video, automatically converts videos in all popular formats for best sharing, and allows to send a created postcard at the scheduled time to as many recipients as you wish.

It can be tough to select a Christmas card from all the variety the Internet offers the user. Is there any space for new ideas here? Need4Video Ltd. – an ambitious video software developing company – fused the best traditions of paper Christmas card with video technologies to deliver your warm Christmas wishes and make your Christmas postcard really personal.

Need4Video.com launches and offers as a Christmas present a brand-new free postcard service – Need4Video Online Postcard – allowing to embed into a colorful Christmas postcard your favorite photos or video clips.

The new service http://send.need4video.com gives the user a unique opportunity to upload personal or YouTube videos directly to one of five animated templates and automatically converts your video in any popular format (Mpeg, AVI, 3GP, MP4, WMV, FLV etc.).
The service features default video for users who do not have any photo or video, but just warm wishes to share. The service makes it possible to create a postcard in advance and send it on a scheduled time to all specified e-mails.

Creating a postcard is a piece of cake. The user adds a text greeting, inserts a video or audio, selects the time for the postcard to be sent, and types in as many emails as required. What else? Just click SEND!

What else does Need4Video.com offer?
– a bundle of freeware with no trial restrictions to rip audio CDs, download YouTube videos as well as convert audio and video files;
– 20+ powerful cutting-edge tools to manipulate with video and audio;
– an outstanding customer-beneficial system of software registration – pay for one tool and get all the other for free!

About Need4Video.com: Need4Video Ltd. is a US based video and audio processing software developer, whose idea behind the new project is to provide customers with powerful software in an innovative purchasers-beneficial way.
New features of need4video.com are coming to life soon – even more software, tips & tricks and world news about video and movies!

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