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What do the Institute of Structural Engineers work Towards?

Originally founded as the Concrete Institute in 1908, the Institute of Structural Engineers has become a driving force for quality within its field. Officially coined as the Institute of Structural Engineers (IStructE) in 1922, its vision began to form.

Who are the Institute of Structural Engineers?

The primary goal of IStructE is to uphold the standards of structural engineering globally. It wants to share its knowledge, promote structural engineering and its importance and finally, provide a voice for the profession.

How do the Institute of Structural Engineers define their industry?

Whilst setting a global benchmark for standards, it’s important to establish what those standards are. The Institute of Structural Engineers have published a clear definition of what structural engineering is, and how to do it to a high standard. A structural engineer is responsible for the designing the structural integrity of a project.

This means creating project designs that are strong and stable. Without such stability, they would be unable to do the job at hand, deeming the project a failure. There are three key elements of the job that define the role of a structural engineer according to the IStructE.


Firstly, a structural engineer is in charge of designing the structural integrity of a project. The final outcome needs to be able to withstand a predicted load. For example, if they are designing a bridge, this bridge needs to be strong enough to support whatever travels across it.

An expert in safety

Next, the Institute of Structural Engineers deem that anyone within the industry needs to be a safety expert. Linked very closely with the importance of the design aspect, they need to evaluate the projects longevity and identify any highlight the need for risk management. Not only does this include being able to hold an expected weight but also it is going to be safe from natural elements.

Problem solving

Finally, a structural engineer needs to be able to solve a number of problems. There are multiple technologies and software available to help, but this also needs to be a natural instinct. Moreover, projects need to be sustainable. They need to be long lasting, low on resource and require minimal upkeep.

How do the Institute of Structural Engineers push global standards?

The IStructE set the standards for structural engineers worldwide. A focal point of the institute is to help build and support engineers, provide events focused on increasing competence and acting as a voice of structural engineers with professional sources. The backbone of the Institute of Structural Engineers is their code of conduct. In order to meet their goals there are 8 vital points that any members must adhere to.

Code of Conduct

Firstly you must demonstrate integrity. Then you need to think about the public and their interests, and take into account their health and safety. Next is the need to uphold the reputation of a structural engineer. The fourth point is to continue to grow, and motivate and support others in increasing their competence. With that in mind, the fifth value is to make sure you work within your means. Do not undertake projects that exceed your known skill level.

Doing so may put others at risk. Point number 6 is to always use the appropriate skill. Make sure you have good judgement and discuss expectations with your clients. Next you need to respect the reputation of others. The Institute of Structural Engineering want everyone to work together, not against one another. Finally, as a structural engineer you need to avoid any conflicts of interest. Be fair and be courteous.

Institute of Structural Engineers Supporting learning

Through exploration of their values and code of conduct, it becomes evident that the Institute of Structural Engineers are a clear driving for behind quality construction. They demonstrate the desire for quality and promote opportunities for further learning frequently. Another way the IStructE push for success is through online learning courses.

There are many routes to becoming a structural engineer, but finding one that is accredited by the IStructE guarantees you are learning with a respected education body. One course accredited by the IStructE is the Structural Engineering Diploma offered by the College of Contract Management.

Structural Engineering Diploma

The course itself is one of the easiest ways to transition your learning towards Honour Degree entry. For those who don’t already have the appropriate qualifications, this course gives you the best chance to progress towards your profession. The course itself applies academic theory to practical situations, giving you the whole picture.

The course itself is hosted online but is done so in a classroom style. The lectures are delivered live online by highly trained individuals. This allows for direct interaction with your lecturer whilst still having the comfort of learning from your home environment.

The flexibility of online learning is unmatched. Furthermore, learning from home makes the opportunity to further education much more accessible. The course can be accessed worldwide, and the lectures take place out of standard working hours. For those looking to get into structural engineering, this is a fantastic option. Furthermore, accreditation with the Institute of Structural Engineers just further highlights its credibility.

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