Suresh Babu Gaddam Topeka Applauds The Latest And The Best Apps For Android

Thousands of android applications are released every year by various companies. These apps are highly helpful from socializing to gaming. Those who own an android smart phone would probably wonder which app to download and not. Suresh Babu Gaddam, the expert in Android and iPhone apps lists out the must to have applications in every android smart phone.

Snapchat is one of the hottest apps recently released by Daniel Smith and his team. It makes completely easy to share the best memorable moments with friends. For those who want to send messages, videos and pictures in few seconds this is the right app. Tech freaks describe it as the ‘fastest medium to share a moment with friends’.

“If you are a gaming freak then ‘flow free’ is the app for you. It is a colorful puzzle game where you need to connect the pipes with matching colors. The game has different levels that makes you play continuously without batting an eye lid, so make sure that you are not addicted to the colorful puzzle all day long. I bet, it keeps boredom at bay especially while you travel or during leisure time. Another addictive game with lively graphics and life like features is Hills of Glory 3D. All you need is to save Europe from its foe and make a history. In this warfare game you need to handle all the weapons right from rifle to all the latest war equipment’s,” comments Suresh Babu Gaddam.

Next amazing app for an android smart phone is photoshop touch for phone. Before sharing photo either on Facebook or Twitter, with this app one can give the final touch like a professional image editor. Be it is on travel or office, it takes a few minutes to work with images. With this tool on your tablet or smart phone it is no tougher to give a magic touch to a photo, moreover it is completely easy to fill an area on a layer or to scribble a name or phrase on the image.

Cinemagram is another cool app used by thousands of people across the globe however there are still millions who are unaware of this app. Creating and sharing videos to social networking sites or with friends can be done instantly with this free app. Special effects to the clip can be added with its video filters and other visual effect tools. Not to mention, even a layman give artistic effects with Cinemagram.

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