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Rummage Pickers free online Auctions and Classified Ads

Do you like keeping hard earned money in your pocket? Try an online auction site like Rummage Pickers that has no listing or final value fees. There are some premium listing areas with associated small fees but you are still able to use the service for free. Users are verified by email and valid credit card. This is a tried and true method of keeping users legitimate. All users are also required to have a valid PayPal account. Buyers and Sellers like knowing they are not being scaled.

Don’t Risk Your Personal Safety to Try and Make Money Online

Imagine this scenario. You posted a bicycle for sale on another site with no verification. Someone emails and sets up an appointment to meet you at your home and take a look at it. Your baby is asleep upstairs and your husband is at work. The time comes and sure enough, there’s a knock at the door. As you open the door, something goes wrong. Rather than asking to see your bike, the man forces himself inside. Do we even need to continue with this story?

Why put yourself and your family at risk when a safer alternative exists? Instead of haphazardly arranging these meetings, you can deal with buyers strictly online and through the mail, effectively eliminating the dangers involved with meeting stranger in your home.

How else do we protect your safety? Well, we saw another flaw in the system that is alternative and decided to address it with Rummage Pickers. You see, anyone can use an alternative site without registration. And without a system for registration, those alternatives have no way of keeping tabs on its users.

On the other hand, when you do business with Rummage Pickers, you must go through a registration process that includes:

•Email verification
•Providing a real home and billing address
•Credit card verification
By this simple process we are able to keep tabs on users to provide safer transactions.

Don’t hesitate and register for your free account today at

Free online auctions and classified ads. You can absolutely list for free and pricing for premium areas can be found on their fees section. Go to and start listing today.

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