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Professional Grade Cleaning Services In Rochester NY

Professional Grade Cleaning Services is pleased to announce that many builders and homeowners are transitioning from carpet to hard surface as the floor covering in new and remodeled homes. The choice of hard surfaces can include porcelain, terracotta, quarry and ceramic tiles.

Because of the changing standards in floor coverings, many homeowners do not know the proper methods of keeping these surface in good condition. The Rochester NY Carpet Cleaning Services professionals are able to maintain the appearance of hard surface floor coverings as well as carpeting.

Dirty tile and grout not only looks less than aesthetically pleasing, it can harbor germs which are harmful to the health of the residents. When tile or grout is damaged in areas like showers or counters, moisture and mold can take hold behind the surface causing more significant damage to the structure.

When cleaning the hard surfaces of the home, the best products are used which remove dirt and organisms from the surface, without hard to the people and pets in the home. Repairs are made where needed to restore an unblemished surface. The area is then resealed with top quality products so that there is a smooth and long-lasting finish on the surface of the tile or grout.

The most up-to-date and ecologically friendly products are used in all cleaning operations, to protect the health of the people or pets in the household. The professionals at Professional Grade Cleaning Services know that their business growth depends on providing quality services to each customer at an affordable rate. Good customer service is practiced by each member of the team.

Learn more about cleaning services by visiting the web pages online at http://www.professional-carpet.com today. Members of the press and individuals who have more questions about the contents of this press release are urged to contact the company at the location provided below.

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