New Green Laser Sight For Rifles And Compact Tactical Pistol Light

Viridian Green Laser Sights is the manufacturer of the popular green laser sights for both full-size and compact pistols. They have now just released the world’s smallest weapon-mounted tactical light, the new CTL, which stands for Compact Tactical Light.

This new rail-mounted LED light is designed to tuck neatly between trigger guard and muzzle of any railed handgun, including subcompacts, with no overhang. Even the smaller concealed-carry pistols can now carry extreme illuminating power. With 100 lumens of brilliant white light or 140 lumens of intimidating and disorienting strobe light, all packed into a sleek, miniature body, the new CTL is not to be taken lightly. This little pistol-companion is just as tough and versatile as any Viridian’s previous innovative green laser sights, including the C5 and C5L compact lasers. This light, just like the other C Series products, is built with the same aircraft grade hard-anodized aluminum construction. It also has multi-programmable light and strobe, floodlight type close-quarter combat lens, and exclusive ECR (Enhanced Combat Readiness) function that works with TacLoc holsters, which activate the high-output LED when the pistol is drawn from the holster. The new compact CTL fit practically and pistol with a rail.

Without further hesitation, Viridian also launched a valuable modification to their popular X5L pistol green laser/light combo tactical laser system. The new X5L-RS now gives rifle owners the same power as pistol bearers the hosted the all-powerful X5L laser/light system. The RS modification adds a pressure switch to the laser unit which extends back closer to the rifles trigger for easy activation access. The laser unit itself slides onto the rifles tactical rail (sold separately). For military and law enforcement, the X5L-RS is one of the best tactical accessories money can buy. Green lasers can be seen in daylight, and with the bright LED light, this unit helps tactical forces both day and night. The green laser can be seen up to 100 yards in daylight, and up to 2 miles at night. The bright LED light produces 154 lumens on continuous mode, and 187 lumens on strobe mode.

Laser Sight Pro helps gun owners find lasers and weapon accessories that fit specific models of firearms. With easy to use fitting charts, the right laser can be easily found. Holsters that will fit pistols with laser sights and rail-mounted accessories attached are also available in their Tactical Holsters section.

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