New Free Walking Tour of Lisbon, Portugal- Related Information

Geogad has released a replacement mobile tour that explores Lisbon, Portugal, which is one among Europe’s most dynamic cities. This self-guided, multimedia tour leads the traveler to the highlights of Lisbon’s hottest neighborhoods while discussing the history that formed the modern city that the traveler sees today.

The tour are often viewed by travelers on their cell phones and mobile media players. This tour, as all of Geogad Mobile Tours, are free with ads and may be viewed on the Internet at Geogad’s main site at, on any MP3 player, on a cellphone via the Geogad mobile site at or through Geogad’s application for Google Android-enabled phones.

Google Android-enabled phones

Geogad, Inc. today introduced a replacement Geogad Mobile Tour for Lisbon, Portugal to its collection of free self-guided, multimedia walking tours. to look at the digital tour of Lisbon in its entirety, a traveler just has got to sign in to their free Geogad account, and therefore the complete tour is freely available over the Internet, over the mobile web or for download to a mobile media player. This detailed self-guided tour are often taken whenever travelers have time during their visit to Lisbon using the mobile electronic devices that they already carry with them. The tour provides detailed local history and tour information without the effort and expense of searching for and hiring a personal tour guide.

Travelers have several options on how they will view Geogad’s new tour of Lisbon. the choices include the variety of formats in which the tour is available and on what type of devices travelers have to take the tour: on the Internet, on an MP3 player, on a cellphone via the Geogad mobile site or through Geogad’s application for Google Android GPS-enabled phones. to work out the format that works best, travelers can sample and consider all of the Geogad Mobile Tours for free from the Geogad website at or on the Geogad Mobile site at

Geogad’s Mobile Tour of Lisbon, Portugal

May be a great introduction for both first time visitors and frequent travelers to Lisbon. It explores Lisbon’s hottest neighborhoods like the bohemian Bairro Alto, downtown’s neoclassical Baixa and therefore the medieval Aflame. because the traveler roams through Lisbon, the tour explains how Lisbon’s history has influenced the expansion of the city since the time of the Romans. This tour mixes different characteristics of Lisbon for travelers to urge a great overview of the city. It combines stops among Lisbon’s best locations for outlets and cafes with quiet stops at peaceful gardens and out-of-the-way squares.

The tour leads travelers to the newest clubs to listen to Lisbon’s traditional Fado music, a Portuguese original. The traveler learns about both the myths and therefore the reality behind Lisbon’s most popular destinations, like the Castelo de São Jorge with its ancient castle and its lovely views of the Lisbon sunset.

This new Geogad Mobile Tour focuses on the locations that are easy to succeed in via the Lisbon’s public transportation and its elegant and unique elevators that makes the hills of Lisbon more manageable. The tour itself consists of just about two hours of audio narration and can take five hours or more to walk, assuming no breaks.


The Geogad Mobile Tour for Lisbon, Portugal that include sponsored advertisements is out there for free at the Geogad website. The Geogad Mobile Tours also are available without advertisements at a U.S. asking price of $9.99. The tours are often downloaded and purchased directly from the Geogad website at ABOUT GEOGAD Geogad, Inc. may be a private company based in Santa Clara in California’s Silicon Valley. Geogad helps travelers explore the planet by making digital tours of popular travel destinations that are fun and easy to use.

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