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Sexy Art Gallery exhibits, promotes and sells Sexy Art which spans over a broad spectrum of artistic genres, namely, Pop Surrealism, Fetishism, Erotica, Fantasy, Gothic art, Pin-up and Glamour.

Creative producer Zaki Silverman lives and works in a variety of cosmopolitan cities around the globe. During his travels, Zaki was exposed to numerous sub-cultures which addressed different notions of sexiness.

These experiences along with a great passion for aesthetics and the provocative inspired Zaki’s vision which involved setting up an online Sexy Art Gallery that specializes in exhibiting, promoting and selling sexy art created by an array of talented international artists.

While conducting extensive research, Zaki developed a broad understanding of the relevant genres and sub-cultures, enabling him to discover visually exceptional sexy art at affordable prices.

SexyArtGallery.com is based on the premise that sexy and provocative art can stimulate a positive atmosphere wherever it is placed (home, bar, boutique hotel, office etc…), and can potentially spice up the lives of creative, intelligent and sexually sophisticated men and women as for example singer Sting and wife Trudie’s love nest reveals some erotic bedroom art dominated by two explicit Helmut Newton prints. (Daily Mail, 22nd December 2021)

Our mission is to encourage people to enjoy sexy art by presenting artworks which maintain a provoking and provocative stance, with an unapologetic and non-compromising approach to the expression of sophisticated sexuality.

SexyArtGallery.com is an exclusive online gallery which is geared toward providing new avenues of communication and trade between artists and potential costumers from around the world.

We are currently representing 18 artists from around the globe. These talented artists are working with a variety of techniques, producing solid work which advances our objective- to become most refined sexy art gallery.

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