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Indoor Fountains Become Pet, Child Safe With Fountain Protector

Product from Serenity Health Turns Many Outdoor, Indoor Fountains into Pet Drinking Sources. Altoona, WI: Serenity Health ( formally presented a product that uses natural methods to make indoor fountain water safe for pets and children. The Care Free Enzymes Fountain Protector works on most small fountain models, including the majority of indoor water fountains, and improves water clarity as well as safety. Serenity Health began stocking this product after noting how many pets become attracted to drinking from an indoor fountain, and thanks to practical experience with small children near water fountains. The Care Free Enzymes Fountain Protector uses food-grade enzymes to break down hazardous and unappealing materials in fountain water, including sludge, ammonia, cloudy water and mineral deposits. After several weeks of use as directed, an indoor fountain becomes safe for pets to drink from regularly. The product also improves the general functioning of a fountain by keeping hoses and pumps clear of built-up debris. The enzymes work well with indoor or outdoor fountains, though the more controlled the environment is, the more consistent the results are. Serenity Health recommends purchasing this product alongside any outdoor or indoor fountain likely to come into contact with children or wildlife. In particular, it turns indoor fountains into potential pet drinking sources – ideal for animals that dislike traditional water dishes – and (along with other preparations) possible environment for aquatic life such as fish. The Care Free Enzymes Fountain Protector is safe for rubber, ceramic, plastic and stone fountain materials. Interested parties can purchase the product at To purchase an indoor fountain during the same site visit, go to Contact Details: Gill Media Web Site: Email: [email protected] Telephone NO: 888-881-4668 (Toll Free Phone) Direct Phone: 715-839-9698 Fax: 715-839-9742 Address: Street: 1728 Spooner Avenue, Suite C City: Altoona, Wisconsin Country: USA Zip Code: 54720

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