How To Demand For Dogs For TV Continues To Rise You Should Know

Dogs for TV are more popular than ever leading owners to add their dogs to animal agency books.

When you think of working dogs you rarely if ever think of dog models, yet there are hundreds of dogs in the UK who are working as models. They work in different areas of the entertainment industry, but dogs for TV are the biggest group by far. TV work includes adverts, working on soap operas and appearing on children’s programs.

Demand has grown for two main reasons. The first is the fact that there are far more TV channels around than they used to be which means more TV shows are being made to fill the air time on these channels. Inevitably some of this extra programming features animals, including dogs. The second reason there is more dogs for TV demand is the fact that people love dogs and dogs sell products. This can be seen from the ongoing success of the Andrex tissue paper puppy advertising campaign, which has been going for nearly 30 years now.

Dogs For TV Are Professionally Trained

Now if you are reading this and thinking you can get your Fido or Rex to earn his keep you may have to think again because to work in TV your dog has to be trained to be obedient and to carry out certain tasks. Something that, for the average spoilt domestic pooch, is beyond them. However, there is plenty of work for dog models in the print industry for which much less training and obedience is needed.

If you have a particularly cute dog or a rare breed dog it can still be worth looking into getting it trained to work on TV. This is because not all of the work they are required to do is complicated and may not take long for your dog to learn, so after a bit of time and effort on your part your dog could be earning you money. The best way to check out your options is to contact an animal talent agency via their website are one of the best and the oldest agencies so are the best place to make enquires.

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