Are you suffering with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)?

It is very difficult to diagnose but if, it is diagnosed at an early age it can be managed easily.

But you have to suffer more when SLE is diagnosed late. As it is a systemic autoimmune disease it affects the major body parts of many times a whole body. As it attacks on immune system so it gets more critical and it attacks the whole body cells and tissues. Our body is made with blood, bones, tissues, cells and skin. These are connected to each other, if one part body is hampered; the whole body has to suffer. SLE disease mostly hampers kidneys, heart, joints, lungs, liver and the total nerves system.

These all body parts are major parts a small harm to these parts can also damage human beings total health. SLE disease causes severe tissue damage and the course of this disease is actually unpredictable it depends upon the severity and it happens 10 times more frequent in women. Scientist and experts says that there is no cure for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus but still in the early stage if, you have medicines which will improve your immune power you can at least stop SLE to grow and harm your body. Survival of the patients suffering with SLE disease or Lupus arthritis has been increased in the foreign countries like US, UK, Canada.

Approximately it has risen up to 95% in last five years and now it is improving day by day to find a cure. Generally doctors diagnose Systemic Lupus Erythematosus by some pathology tests, skin biopsies etc. Many times some people are suffering with SLE for long duration but they are unable to understand the problem, but slowly when the immunity starts getting down and the symptoms grows the patients feels restless. The symptoms of SLE are similar to many other diseases and so it misguides the patients and the doctors to diagnose.

Many times because of wrong medication and lacking of exact diagnose the patients suffers a lot. Many times a patient may have chronic health complaints like fever, joint pains, fatigue, loss of appetite, rash on your face in butterfly shape and the skin gets thicker etc. Now these symptoms are normal and cannot be conclude as Lupus arthritis or SLE.

Understand when you have a small joint pain like pain in fingers, wrist or hands and legs; still you joints are at risk. Most of the patients have experienced severe and chronic joint pain in the beginning of their illness and during the course of SLE disease. Many times the patients try to find out different types of medication therapies to get rid of this problem but unfortunately, they are unable to find it as the Allopathic doctors suggests antibiotics and some medicines which will improve immune power so that to control the disease but Ayurveda specialist will suggest them a different therapy which will not only improve the patient’s immune power but it will help him to cure from the diseases.

As Ayurveda therapy purifies the impurity in body and helps our blood circulation function run properly. Ayurveda also has invented a cure on every disease slowly but guaranteed. You just have to take the medicine for long duration up till you come out of the problem completely. Ayurveda follows different therapies to purify our blood and strengthen the whole body.

If you are at an initial stage of Lupus arthritis then you should consult any Ayurveda expert to find a cure of your problem. Also exercise regularly and follow some routine, change your bad habits and increase your immune power.

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