A Lasting Tribute for Loved Ones – Books & DVDs from Cherished Lives

When flashing back loved bones, we naturally wish to recall the highlights and happy moments we’ve participated together. utmost families and musketeers will have collected photos, monuments, vacation vids or memorials to illustrate their recollections.

What better way of recognizing them than by recording this cherished life for offspring, either with a high- quality homage book, or with a vibrant digital DVD recording?

Favored Lives is a recently formed family business which offers a sympathetic and profitable design and product service for homage Books and DVDs. The company is happy to produce indeed just a single book or DVD, or multiple clones, and can post links onto the Internet for viewing by cousins and musketeers around the world.

Favored Lives works nearly with family, musketeers, burial directors or other nominated contributors to take any literal or biographical material – suchlike prints, videotape clips, captions, written notes, service records or indeed recorded interviews – and turn these into high quality keepsake books or DVDs. These are lasting monuments which will be enjoyed and treasured for generations to come.

Standard Homage Books are high quality hardback full colour products of between 20 and 40 runners. Standard homage DVDs feature images, captions and musical or spoken sound track, and run to either 6 or 10 twinkles roughly. Non-standard sizes and homestretches are also available, and Cherished Lives will be happy to quote against any specification needed. All lent material is returned after use, and guests can see primary attestations before final clones are produced.

After making contact through the favored Lives website, guests can bandy what’s the most applicable and profitable design, what material is available material and get a citation for producing the book or DVD. Once details have been agreed, material and information can be transferred in for the favored Lives design platoon to work on.

Whatever form the homage design takes, a evidence dupe is provided- either on paper or electronically- for client examination and blessing, or to make emendations. After this the number of clones requested will be produced and delivered by recorded post or courier within a many days. Original material is returned at the sometime. However, these can be supplied at reduced cost, If at a after stage fresh clones are bear.

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