Pneumatic Pinch Valves in their Environments Important

This variety of valve provides a vital service in many and varied industrial operations, such as instrumentation and flow control processing. A manufacturer must produce products that will maintain pace with the developments of their customers operations and this particularly applies to the needs for Pneumatic operated Pinch Valves. Market related and performance information received from customers enables future planning for user demands in the various industries.

Applications considered as specialized and requiring particular manufacturing expertise, include those demanding product qualities, reliability and innovation. Among them are the giant oil and gas corporations, operating throughout the world and the industries associated with them. Operational efficiency, effectiveness and production ability of these industries is to a great extent dependent on Air operated Pinch Valves which meets their criteria in all aspects.

An innovative variety of valves are able to provide a service to all forms of industrial applications requiring control and processing facilities. In this “hi-tech” age, industries are constantly upgrading their equipment and components to meet their needs, increase production and quality to satisfy their own customers’ demands. To satisfy their users, suppliers of Pneumatic Pinch Valves provide the best obtainable valve quality. Customers rapidly dismiss other varieties of valves that do not meet the extremely high standards of quality and performance.

Maximum Performance in all Conditions

Within the industries related to oil and gas exploration, the Air Pinch Valve is in high demand, also in the petrol-chemical, power generation and processing industries. In certain instances, operating conditions and environments will be extreme, especially in offshore oil, gas exploration and extraction processing. In these demanding, operating circumstances, only equipment and components of the highest quality, durability and reliability, will meet the user demands.

The aspect of corrosion is always considered and in some extreme operating areas; it is a problem of paramount importance. The unique, innovative design and construction of Pneumatic operated Pinch Valves enable them to perform at a maximum capacity and maintain their effectiveness in adverse circumstances. Such conditions will include high pressures and high temperature operating, with reservoir pressures reaching 15,000 PSI and temperatures of 200 degrees.

For a user, any operation in any application depends on the valve component. The Air operated Pinch Valve, unlike other types of valves, is by its design and form able to meet the specific needs of a particular application. The properties of a processed product are essential to the valve design. They will determine particularly, the type of elastomer sleeve required for the operation. It is the crucial component of this valve variety and the only part of the valve, having any contact with a processing material. Therefore, the success of an operation could depend on the compatibility between elastomer sleeve and the processed product.

Pneumatic operated Pinch Valves provide exacting standards of production and quality to meet the demands of users, no matter in which part of the world or the application environment. This will include onshore, offshore applications, laboratories, ultra-demanding oil, and petrol-chemical operations.

Industry leader and manufacturer of Air operated Pinch Valves AKO Armature provides its customers with worldwide service and support. With production plants in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, they are renowned for producing only products of the finest quality, durability and reliability.

AKO has representation in 22 countries, with customer service and support a priority. Innovation in designed development and construction continues to and has been a trademark of the company for over 26 years.

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