KB GPR Surveys: The Leading GPR Surveys Company In The UK

KB GPR Surveys ( is one of the leading UK-based companies with highly-experienced GPR surveyors, providing cost-effective surveys. As a non-destructive method of mapping the earth’s subsurface, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) techniques are used in various sectors, including archaeology, and finding buried utilities.

As the leading provider of ground-penetrating radar for site conditions, this company uses a variety of systems to obtain valuable data from their clients’ sites, whether it is for construction, demolition, investigation, or archaeology. Their expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment can provide clients with high accuracy and clarity using the best custom GPR and best in class software on the market.

KB GPR Surveys offers GPR technology to map out the location of pipes underground. This allows work to be carried out on the flooring or heating system without damaging it. This can be a great help to properties which has underground heating systems. Potential clients can also acquire GPR companies to survey pavements and their integrity. With many factors such as shifts in the ground, moisture, and voids that can put pedestrians and other traffic at risk, it’s important to assess these risks early. Using GPR technology means that the surveyor has access to valuable data about pressures on underground features or on building foundations. With this process, potential clients can acquire collected data that can be used for appropriate decision-making regarding repairs or other measures.

KB GPR Surveys has a great reputation in the industry. With many years of providing professional pest control services, the company has earned a lot of respect and has made many loyal clients. One of their previous clients, Archer Baxter, even left a positive review saying: “This company is superb. My situation was a bit of a tricky one but they took care of everything and nothing was too much trouble for them. The service they provide is first class and at very reasonable prices. Thank you so much for making my experience with you such a stress free one. I would definitely use you again”.

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About KB GPR Surveys

KB GPR Surveys provides GPR surveys and consultancy services in the UK and worldwide. Their services can be used in a variety of applications, including engineering, archaeology, and construction. They support GPR training through COST Action TU1208 and Euro GPR. In addition, their website offers a free online GPR training resource intended to raise awareness about GPR and its capabilities, in a convenient and user-friendly format so potential clients can rest assured. They aim to provide the best performing and most practical GPR for any given situation to their clients.

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