Important Workout Tips For Building Muscle Mass

To obtain the large muscles that you dream of, then you must have some sort of workout plan to follow. There is no point doing random exercises in the hope of one day waking up to find you have 20 inch biceps. That’s just not going to happen! A well balanced muscle mass workout will allow you to train all the various muscle groups so that you body stays in proportion. Otherwise if you concentrate on arms or chest too much, it can make the whole appearance look unbalanced.

You can create your own plan by training separate muscle groups on different days of the week. This gives the muscles time to rest as there will be days when they aren’t being worked too much. It also means you can really concentrate on specific muscle groups.

Here is a typical muscle mass building workout plan:

  • Monday – Arms (biceps and triceps)
  • Tuesday – Core (Back and Chest)
  • Wednesday – Stomach Muscles
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Legs (Calves and thighs)
  • Saturday – Shoulders and lats
  • Sunday – Rest

The arms are trained when you are doing other exercises, so you only really need to focus on them specifically for one day a week. The rest days will give your muscles time to grow and repair themselves.

These are very important, so don’t be tempted to go and do an hour in the gym as you could be preventing maximum growth. You can add some cardiovascular exercises on the rest days if you have some excess fat to burn or weight to lose. Just 30 minutes of running or walking will be enough to keep the metabolism up and the body in good shape. Body building Nutrition The correct nutrition is just as important as the training itself. Without it you could be wasting hours of energy and not seeing the results you hope for.

This will give the body enough energy and nutrition to build muscle and keep it there. The percentages will obviously train once you reach a certain size, then you can cut down on carbs and build up the protein.

Here is a sample bodybuilding diet you could follow:

  • Breakfast – Dried oats with water or low fat milk
  • Mid Morning – Oatmeal or rice with protein bar or shake
  • Lunch – Brown rice with baked potato. Green beans or other green vegetables and chicken breast
  • Afternoon – Oatmeal or rice with protein bar or shake
  • Dinner – Brown rice or a baked potato. Green vegetables and chicken or fish
  • Supper – Oatmeal or rice with protein bar or shake Supplements can also be taken daily to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. Multi vitamins and fish oil capsules are very inexpensive but essential for the body.

You may also look at using creatine and glutamine together as they can provide increased strength and an increased recovery time and allow you to train longer.

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