Major New International Motoring Event Culzean Autoclassica Set For Ayrshire

A major new periodic transnational motoring event will soon be making its home in Ayrshire. Starting in 2008, the Culzean Autoclassica will be hosted at Culzean Castle.

Organized by Auto Spirit in cooperation with the National Trust for Scotland, the Culzean Autoclassica will be an exclusive event aimed at all marques of bus transport, with particular emphasis towards top or significant marques.

possessors of major, quaint, classic, racing, sports and traveling buses and bikes, prestigious sports performance buses will be amongst those invited to share. Clubs representing any of these orders will be especially welcome. Assignations will also be extended to quaint marketable and tractor vehicle possessors.

To capture the castle’s unique air and its magnify position, the event will borrow a traditional theme. Actors will be invited to enter into the Autoclassica spirit by arriving in period costume, reflecting their particular period of transport.

A wide variety of conditioning will interest of all those attending, including a concours d’elegance, an transaction of classics and bus cairn, special marque displays, club enclosures, trade vill, action events, a fete regale and overeater repast feasts.

A planned point of the Autoclassica will be a nostalgic return of motor sport to the old Turnberry airport track, albeit with demonstration runs and conceivably a sprint. The track was the scene of major races in the early 50s when notorious motorists like Mike Hawthorn, Stirling Moss, Ken Wharton, Reg Parnell and Ninian Sanderson drove the fabulous V16 BRMs, Thin wall Special, Connaught and ERA GP buses .

The Autoclassica will be designed to encourage participation from both manufacturers and dealers, including those associations associated with the motor vehicle and it’s life. Friday will be designated primarily as a commercial day, manufactures dealers and guarantors will be suitable to intimately entertain guests both at Culzean and the Westin Turnberry Golf Resort with installations similar as test- driving available.

Auto Spirit and the National Trust for Scotland have teamed up with the near five- star Westin Turnberry Hotel, and on the Friday will host an periodic Autoclassica Golf Tournament played over one of the hostel’s world- class golf courses. hostel accommodation packages as well as administrative accommodation at Culzean Castle will also be available.

The exact dates for the first Culzean Autoclassica have yet to be finalized, but will be eventually in August or September 2008.

Meanwhile, the organizers are planning to launch the Culzean Autoclassica over the weekend of 21, 22, and 23 September this time, in order to give implicit guarantors, sharing organizations, clubs and possessors the occasion to estimate the numerous fantastic openings and pleasures the first event itself will induce in 2008.

The organizers are particularly keen to involve original Ayrshire businesses and would be pleased to bandy how best they can share in the event and achieve maximum brand mindfulness. Specifically designed commercial packages linked with trade daises and commercial enclosures will permit the occasion to meet and develop connections with being and new guests in a five star terrain. backing openings offer an association with an event commanding transnational recognition and synonymous with bus heritage, the marques represented and the nobility of the venue.

Special assignations are being extended to interested parties inviting them to come on to Culzean Castle and Turnberry for an pleasurable weekend of fun and to find out each about the Culzean Autoclassica. The launch will feature some of the conditioning intended to come part of the first Autoclassica programme in 2008.

To gain maximum exposure for the launch the public is invited to attend on the Sunday.

For further information,

The Autosport Team

Autospirit is a new company formed bringing together a specialist operation platoon who have been involved in the marketing and the donation of auto events for over twenty times. They include well- known names from event operation, motor clubs and motor racing.

The headliners of the business have a passion for all effects automotive combined with a marketable mindfulness deduced from numerous times in business in their own right.

Tony Flint, a sheltered original businessman with a lifelong passionate involvement in motorsport, high performance sports and classic buses and representing manufacturers and clubs, innovated Autospirit. Tony has numerous successful times organizing transnational Porsche events at venues similar as Princess Diana’s home Althorp House. Amongst his numerous other interests he’d been planning a major event down in England when he was approached through collective friend Norman Geddes, elderly mate at Ayer- grounded Frazer Coogan’s Solicitors, and by Mike Schafer, the National Trust for Scotland’s Culzean Castle director. Mike, an avaricious Porsche sucker asked him if he’d consider organizing a motoring event at Culzean Castle Country Park.

Agitated by the huge implicit The Culzean Autoclassica would have, the name that was to come espoused for the event, Tony had no vacillation in enlisting the help of long time friend and fellow Marcos proprietor and auto sucker Les Hannah. Les has a successful record as a major event organizer and was product director of the locally held International Guitar Festival. The company Autospirit was registered with Les as a director, and in cooperation with Mike Schafer of the National Trust for Scotland they began planning an event fated to be different than anything ever hosted in Scotland.

Tony and Les recognized Culzean Castle was a five- star venue, still incontinently noted it wasn’t the only Ayrshire venue with analogous status in the position. The Westin Turnberry Hotel with its notorious Turnberry golf courses on the doorstep could give five- star transnational hostel accommodation and installations for their high profile event. The added perk was that the Westin Turnberry owns what remains of the old Turnberry Race Track, completing the dream script Tony and Les had planned for the Culzean Autoclassica, to celebrate Turnberry as being the only Scottish track to host a race in which a formula one platoon had contended.

The Westin Turnberry Hotel replied favorably to getting involved with the Culzean Autoclassica and the instigative prospect of those GP cars appearing again at the old Turnberry racetrack will become an integral part of the event.

Early additions to the event team include Maserati owner and enthusiast Norman Geddes. Norman will provide an all important link with local Ayrshire businesses. Others in the team include Robin Donovan, fourteen times Le Mans driver and corporate event and sponsorship expert and Fred Hampton, ex chairman of Porsche Club Great Britain and a recognized classic and sports car display guru.

Tony has approached other friends and associates from the world of motor racing and journalism and early indications are we can expect one or two very well known and respected names joining Team Autoclassica.

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