Love Without Side Effects – Experience Natural Family Planning With Cyclotest

The popular fertility monitors, cyclotest 2 plus and cyclotest baby, come to the UK and Ireland.

Health conscious couples in the UK and Ireland can now get their groove on naturally using symptothermal fertility monitors from cyclotest. This method of contraception gives couples the freedom to plan their future together while allowing them to experience a fulfilling love life. Whether couples practice natural contraception as an alternative to hormonal birth control or as an effective aid to conceive a child, cyclotest 2 plus and cyclotest baby offer unbeatable assistance in achieving both goals safely and reliably without the fear of health complications.

Thousands of satisfied women in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy have been enjoying these fertility monitors for over twenty years. Because of their small size and user-friendly interface, the popularity of cyclotest monitors continues to grow each year. Their international success can also be attributed to a large increase in women seeking alternatives to hormonal contraception as the complications and side effects associated with the pill become less tolerated. As well as being a safe alternative to hormonal contraception, many people are choosing to track their fertility as a result of suffering from reduced or infertility. In an independent study by the renowned gynecologists’ and obstetrician Dr. Peter Andreas Kern of the University of Essen and in a report by the independent German consumer organization “Stiftung Warentest”, cyclotest fertility monitors were judged to be the most reliable and effective fertility monitors available. Additionally, cyclotest monitors are the only monitors with a CE certification on the European market which implement two indicators of a woman’s fertility at the same time.

Fertility monitors allow both contraception and conception to be planned by analyzing a women’s cycle data and pinpointing her fertile, highly fertile and infertile phases. By combining a temperature measurement with additional fertility indicators using the symptothermal method, cyclotest monitors are able to achieve accurate, reliable results. As well as being effective, these monitors are also extremely easy to use and can be practiced with minimal effort: directly after waking, use the integrated thermometer, which is capable of picking up even the slightest fluctuations in temperature, to take your oral temperature. While this is all that is absolutely necessary in determining your fertility, you have the option of inputting a further indicator of fertility once a month. This option is to take additional ovulation tests which measure the values of your individual ovulation hormone LH (luteinising hormone). You also have the choice of measuring the cervical mucus consistency and the extent to which the neck of the uterus is open to learn if your body is ready to facilitate or prevent pregnancy. Accessing the results of these tests and adding up their values is simple and only involves a push of a few buttons on the monitor.

An additional benefit to using cyclotest fertility monitors is that it doesn’t require daily temperature measurements. You only have to measure at the start of your period (during the infertile phase). Doing this provides safe and reliable contraception because as soon as the monitor indicates your fertile phase, you know that you should either abstain from sex or resort to further contraception if you want to avoid pregnancy. Furthermore, the longer you practice contraception with a cyclotest fertility monitor, the more accurately it can narrow down your fertile phase. The monitor gets to know your cycles and operates with your own individual readings. Therefore, cyclotest 2 plus makes practising natural contraception in harmony with your body without hormones possible and effective!

As well as being used for contraception, the same method of fertility monitoring can also be applied to planning pregnancy. Taking daily temperature measurements can speed up the process of determining your highly fertile phase, which in turn increases the likelihood of becoming pregnant. It has been scientifically proven that, by using cyclotest baby and a mild stimulant, couples who have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby succeed in getting pregnant much faster and more safely than if they were to take physically burdensome hormone treatments. Getting pregnant with cyclotest baby is healthy, safe, and effective!

Enjoy the benefits of natural contraception and family planning and experience lovemaking that’s in harmony with your body! For more information about cyclotest products and natural family planning, log on to

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