Irish Coin Cufflinks Has The Perfect Stylish Gift The Man In Your Life For Under $59

Everyone knows men are notoriously difficult to buy for, specializing in coin cufflinks, offers you a stylish, unique and thoughtful gift for the man in your life at just $59, perfect for this Christmas or any special occasion!

Freshly launched this year, developed from an idea inspired by the change over from the old Irish currency to the Euro in 2002. The owners behind collected as many Irish 5p and 10p coins they could find to ensure that the coins are preserved for history and to become collectors items. They cleaned, polished, shined and mounted the coins as cufflinks, presented in a professional cufflink box. Such was the interest in the Irish coins they branched out and started providing coins from other countries, as Maura Reynolds explains ‘So if your father’s Irish, your boyfriend’s Italian and your brother-in-law is American, you’ve an individualized gift for each’! As unique as their country of origin the coins, steeped in culture and heritage, allow the wearer to connect with their identity.

No longer in circulation, the Irish 5p coins, featuring the Irish harp on one side and the bull on the reverse side, and the Irish 10p, with the salmon on the reverse, appeal to all those who love a sense of nostalgia and retro fashion. Steeped in Irish folklore both the salmon, the fish of knowledge and the bull or the ‘tan’ hark back to the traditional stories of the real Irish heroes such as Cuchulainn. The harp was chosen; by the poet William Butler Yeats after the founding of the Irish Free State, as the national symbol on the coinage, as it had been since the 1530’s. Both the Irish 5p cufflink with the bull and the Irish 10p cufflink with the salmon; cleverly represent everything that the modern business environment requires – strength, courage, confidence and knowledge mixed with the ever appealing Irish charm!

The cufflinks are also proving popular with eco-friendly enthusiasts who love nothing better than the re-fashioning and restoring of something old to its former glory.

Checkout for a unique and special handmade gift. Limited Edition as they coins are no longer in circulation.

About Irish Coin Cufflinks ( )

Irish Coin Cufflinks ( ) started when Ireland was changing to the Euro a few years ago, we felt slightly nostalgic that we were also going to lose our Irish punt currency. The currency was a reflection Irish History, and Irish identity. We felt for those people who were proud of being Irish, they would appreciate a fresh, modern and fashionable way of reflecting that relationship with Ireland.

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