How Peacocks Accessories Popular With Fashion Press You Need Know

Leading UK value fashion retailer Peacocks is famous for its ability to quickly get on-trend clothes to market, with new lines being introduced on a weekly basis ensuring that the store is always a new and exciting customer experience. With such innovation comes attention, and the fashion pages, always quick to spot new trends themselves – and great prices – this week feature something that perhaps isn’t so well-known for as it should be: its great range of inexpensive and stylish accessories.

In the popular fashion magazine Razia, Peacocks’ very cool Ladies Stud Box Bag is featured in its baby bag fashion article among some other great examples. This stud detail bag is not only very well designed but also priced at an incredibly crunch-friendly ten pounds!

Moving on, Peacocks’ accessories get yet more welcome attention in the magazines this week, with widely read women’s weekly More giving pride of place to peacocks’ gorgeous hair band, modelling it to show off just how effective these can be. Further on in More, Peacocks snakeskin jeweled skinny belt can be seen alongside other examples of best in High Street quality.

And it’s not just accessories featuring so prominently in the magazines this week, with many articles including examples of clothing from Peacocks’ range, including: ladies dresses, footwear, Cancer Research UK Breast Cancer Awareness month products, and more. One of Peacocks’ great pieces of clothing right now is the cropped black jacket (32) which fits beautifully with the current on-trend in biker chic. This great and inexpensive cropped black jacket is definitely going to be a roaring success!

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