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As the definition of Health by the World Health Organization goes like “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”, it clearly indicates that health is what everybody should be concerned about and also most people are highly concerned about it these days. To keep good health one needs to keep oneself and their surroundings clean, maintain proper diet, do the required amount of work out, diagnose and problems, take proper medication and such. In order to discuss health issues, people don’t just approach the doctors but also discuss with those who have an understanding of such illness.

Social media in the internet arena has become an easy platform for people to find right information on various illnesses and other aspect like Health insurance. Bearing this fact in mind, many social forums have been developed to share knowledge on health care. Among all health care portals Durga Health Care has set a milestone in imparting knowledge to many people all around the world.

“All people require a platform to discuss and get their doubts cleared up regarding their health concerns; and we are one of the best podiums for such people which offer them exposure to well learned people around to clear their queries related to illnesses and certain areas like women health, Beauty care, Hair care, Fitness, low calorie Recipes etc.” says the spokesperson of the Druga Health Care forum. With the fast paced life of individuals and the issues they have concerning their health; and also considering the tight packed schedule they maintain and their inability to go to the doctors to help them improve their health; this website was built considering the above mentioned facts. This healthcare forum is now a virtual gathering of most knowledgeable people across the globe, gathered together to discuss something really important for life.

“I was a patient of depression and I had nowhere to go other than to doctor for counseling but when I read articles and discussions of many doctors and patients who recovered from this illness on this forum I got lot of help and right advice. Now I am doing great and completely recovered from this illness” says Jay Prakash from New Delhi, India. Many people suffering from various diseases like Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Eye vision, and cancer are getting benefitted via this forum. Not only this but you can find detailed information on other daily common man and daily concerns like Dental health, ENT advices, child care etc. on this portal.

“Of all the sites or forums which discuss healthcare, this forum serves as a platform to those who require a ‘genuine’ and ‘well informed’ somebody to share issues concerning their health with” – says one of the members of this leading and effective health discussing forum. Druga Health Care is continuously giving people a wide spectrum of options to discuss about that which is a prerequisite of everybody surviving – Health.

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