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Breaking B2B Market Downturn, Traditional Companies Gathered More Opportunities

Recently, B2B industry data show that the operating income of Chinese e-commerce B2B market reached 3.03 billion yuan, down 2.58 percent. The first quarter of B2B industry continued depressed state last year, are still in the doldrums, B2B platform operating income and operating profit narrowed down.

Busy Trade said that despite the current slow pace of development in B2B, but B2B e-commerce model is still a huge market space for development. Chinese real economy has entered an unprecedented process of information and networking, how to play the existing advantages in resources, leveraging e-commerce industry to expand and upgrade, has become placed in front of the traditional enterprises have to face a major event . Promote the development and application of a single product e-commerce in the real economy, and promote the traditional industrial structure adjustment and upgrading, this is the direction of Busy Trade in recent years in the exploration and practice.

Many traditional businesses seize this favorable period, and actively comply with the development of electronic commerce trends begin to contact Busy Trade and together to create more opportunities. Busy Trade can provide specialized information’s, the development of the industry, personalized service and other advantages. As a comprehensive products focus on industry information, Post Offer to Sell e-commerce trading platform, has become an important way of e-business applications for SMEs.

Traditional enterprises will create a comprehensive products trading network with Chinese Wholeslers Busy Trade, on the one hand, we can drive the industry comprehensive products e-commerce depth application, at the same time, to quickly build the largest domestic customers, data is the most abundant and active the highest category of websites to precise positioning, the quality of services to help partners become the object of attention of the country similar products enterprises can better contribute to the sustainable realization of B2B business.

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